What We Buy

Scrap Gold and Silver


At S.F. Gold Buyer, we buy all kinds of jewelry: rings, chains, necklaces, earrings, pins, pendants, old mountings, pocket & wrist watches, broken & damaged jewelry of all kinds – even dental gold.

Fine and Antique Jewelry

Among the fine and antique jewelry pieces we buy are cameos, diamond bracelets, diamond rings, stick pins, gold cigarette cases, and certain items from Tiffany, Cartier, and other fine jewelers.


We purchase old pocket watches, old wrist watches, gold watches, Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, and certain other name brand watches.

Gold Coins

There are two basic types of gold coins: bullion and numismatic. Bullion coins include modern U.S. gold coins and most 20th century and current foreign gold coins. We will pay a premium for U.S. bullion coins in proof, and certain types of other modern U.S. gold coinage. Older U.S. and foreign gold coins may or may not have a value beyond the underlying bullion value, depending on their rarity and condition.

 When you bring in your coins, a numismatist will evaluate your gold coins to see which ones might fall into the collectible category. Please do not polish or otherwise clean your coins. This only diminishes their value.

Silver Coins

S.F. Gold Buyer buys U.S. coinage dated 1964 and earlier, which has a 90% silver content; Kennedy half dollars 1965-70, which have a 40% silver content; and some foreign silver coins. There are varying percentages of silver in coins from different years and origins, and our pricing reflects this variation.

Rare Coins

Among the rare coins we may purchase are:  Indian cents, Buffalo nickels, proof sets, silver dollars, commemorative halves, full sets, and tokens.

Sterling Silver

When marked “Sterling” or with comparable European markings, we purchase tableware, flatware, medallions, serving pieces, and other collectibles.

Sterling silver jewelry must be marked either “Sterling” or “925.”

It is not necessary to polish your sterling silver items. We gladly accept tarnished silver.


S.F. Gold Buyer is interested in purchasing ingots, coins, granular, and Placer gold.

Paper Money

S.F. Gold Buyer, upon inspection, may purchase Confederate, U.S. National Currency, Fractional Currency, U.S. large size notes, currency with bank names, $500., $1,000., $5,000. bills, and foreign paper money.

Military Items

We are interested in seeing items from the Civil War through the Vietnam era:  medals, hats, helmets, uniforms, daggers, swords, flags, and pins from any country.


We are interested in seeing both U.S. and foreign stamps. We work with outside appraisers to evaluate collections.

Paper Ephemera

We will examine old photographs, family documents, posters, and any other old paper collectibles for potential purchase.

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