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Collateral Loans

-1Collateral loans are a fast, convenient way to obtain the cash you need at a competitive interest rate, harnessing the value of your jewelry or other valuables. There are no intrusive credit checks, spousal cosigning, loan application forms or employment checks. It’s a great way to raise cash quickly, without making the sacrifice of selling items you may treasure and want to save.


We assess the value of the items you wish to use as collateral and make a loan offer on the spot. All we require is valid identification and we pay cash immediately. The loan has a 4-month duration and can be rewritten by paying just the interest due for the previous period and signing a new loan contract. Interest rates conform to state law and are clearly defined on your loan ticket.


We accept a wide variety of jewelry, diamonds, watches, coins, musical instruments, designer handbags, writing instruments, bullion, artwork, antiques and collectibles as collateral. Should you wish to sell your collateralized item to us, or should you decide not to renew or redeem your loan, it won’t influence your credit standing either with us or any other lender.


Getting a loan is something that many people need to do from time to time. Whether they need the money to pay bills, pay medical expenses, or simply buy groceries, there are many different reasons that visiting a pawn loan San Francisco shop can be beneficial. Should this be something that interests you, continue reading to learn more about this option, along with the other services offered by pawn loan San Francisco shops that may interest you.

 How Pawn Loans Work

bank-payday-loansFirst of all, it can be helpful to know how a pawn loan works. If you have unexpected expenses arise where you find yourself in need of money quickly, a pawn loan can help. This type of loan is where you bring an item or items into the pawn shop, they offer you a loan amount and if you accept it, they give it to you then. In order to get your belongings back, you need to pay the loan in full and follow the terms of the contract.


If this option sounds good to you, start by thinking of items you have that are valuable for the pawn loan San Francisco. Do you have jewelry? Items such as gold and diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or any other valuable jewels that you can get a loan for. Electronic items are also good choices for bringing in and getting a pawn loan for.


Photography equipment, collectible coins, handbags, and other items that are of value and can be sold at a pawn shop are also good choices for bringing to the store and allowing you to get the loan you need.


Once you have the items ready, visit the pawn shop. As you arrive, let the clerk know that you would like a loan and show him or her the valuables that you are willing to put up for collateral. After inspecting the items and determining their worth, you will be given a quote as to what kind of loan the shop is willing to offer you. If the terms aren’t clear to you, be sure to get the information that you need to decide if taking out a pawn loan is what you want to do. Once you know all you need to know in order to make a decision, you can tell the clerk.


You will then be presented with a contract of sorts. Be sure to read it clearly as it will state the terms of the loan, the amount you need to pay, how often and when you need to pay the amount, and when the items will be returned to you. There will likely be other information on the document so make sure you are in agreement with it all. The document is legally binding and if you don’t follow through on your end, the pawn shop has the right to sell your items in the shop to recoup the money you owe.

Your Agreement

4-repaymentIn order to make the process as positive as possible, it is important that you follow through on your end of the deal. You can do this by making your payments as promised. If you need to pay $100 each Friday, make this a priority. Depending on the agreement, one missed payment could cause your loan to be in default and your items to be sold. Paying your loan off early is also an option and by choosing this, you could have your things back quicker and create a business relationship in the process. You never know when unexpected expenses may pop up again and having the opportunity to get a pawn loan from the same shop again can be helpful.


A pawn shop is for so much more than loans. You can also sell items that you no longer want or need. The same types of valuable are typically purchased by pawn shops. Even if you aren’t sure if something will get you money, it never hurts to ask and find out what we buy and how much we would offer for it.


Not only can you get loans at pawn shops and sell things, but you can also purchase items at a San Francisco pawn shop. Similar to the items you can bring in and get a loan for, or those you can sell, you can also purchase these types of things. What is so great about buying from a pawn shop is that the prices are usually quite a bit lower than they would be at local department stores.


In conclusion, our pawn shop is great to visit for a variety of reasons. Whether you want to make money, take out a loan, or get a great deal on something you need or want, all of these things are possible at a San Francisco pawn shop. If you are looking for a loan, use the tips shared here and get the funds that you need.