Born in Concord, MA, Jamie grew up mainly in New Jersey, though she prides herself on not having a Joizey accent.
After earning two degrees in four years at Harvard, she migrated west to attend law school. Armed with three degrees, she promptly chose to be a stay at home mother. This proved to be one of the best decisions of her life.

During those years, she and her daughter became avid collectors of vintage fine and costume jewelry.
As a restless empty nester, Jamie happily joined the ranks of buyers at S.F. Gold Buyer, where it is her pleasure to evaluate your jewelry and coins.


Caroline is the chief Administrator at S.F. Gold Buyer. She provides all the necessary services and supplies that allow our buyers to offer our customers efficient, thorough, and trustworthy evaluation of their gold, silver, and coins.
Caroline has raised her three children in the Bay Area, where they actively participate in football.


Bill is an avid antique collector who brings his knowledge of fine objects to S.F. Gold Buyer. Our customers can be certain he’ll evaluate their pieces with the utmost care.
Though born in the frozen tundra of Alaska, he’s been enjoying the California sunshine for many years. As a former park ranger,  he’s also well versed in the flora and fauna of our beautiful Bay Area.


Karrie was raised working in a family jewelry business which has been the foundation for her later collecting and selling of fine and costume vintage jewelry. Additionally, she is a Stanford trained mechanical engineer.
Though originally from North Carolina, Karrie remained in the Bay Area after her graduation. She has raised her family in one of a historically protected series of Victorians depicting the four seasons.
Our customers are in good hands with Karrie, who knows the history and value of gold and silver jewelry well.


After an all-American boyhood in Ohio, Leif grabbed a one-way ticket to San Francisco just three days after graduating from high school. His move was perfectly timed for the freewheeling ’67 Summer of Love. And he’s been enjoying the city by the bay ever since.
He’s been buying and selling antiques for over 40 years. He personally collects pocket match safes, 19th century cigar box label art, vintage San Francisco etchings, serigraphs, watercolors and other images. He recently sold his vintage Aloha shirt collection.
Leif clearly understands how other collectors feel, and treats our customers with respect as he evaluates their items.


Robert is a lifelong coin collector whose vast knowledge of all things related to the world of coins is reflected in his enthusiastic interactions with our customers.

He likewise has considerable expertise about the gold and silver markets, making him an excellent source of information about both the value of customers’ personal items and the wisdom of their selling to S.F. Gold Buyer.
After spending his first three years in the heights of Colorado, Robert moved to California, where he has remained ever since. Though he lives in the East Bay, Robert happily treks into San Francisco to offer his services at S.F. Gold Buyer.


Grace is a Graduate Gemologist who has worked at Tiffany’s, Cartier, Nordstrom’s and other luxury jewelry and retail establishments. Based on her impressive knowledge of gemstones, she is the primary diamond buyer at S.F. Gold Buyer, working with outside experts to evaluate the quality of customers’ stones.
Given her extensive experience in the retail marketplace, Grace has a strong hand in the outstanding display of designer and fine jewelry items at our store.
Grace hails from Hawaii, but she has planted solid roots in the Bay Area. As a chic urban sophisticate, Grace brings her considerable style and, of course, grace to all she does at S.F. Gold Buyer.



Tirzah is Huntley’s wife and partner in San Francisco Gold Buyer. With a background in, and love of, graphic design, she has overseen all the design elements at their store, including the external signage.
She has spearheaded the retail side of the business, choosing designer and fine jewelry and other objects offered for sale to our customers.



Huntley began his business career at a tender age. As a little boy growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, he was an avid collector and trader of coins and stamps. By the time he was a teenager, he was a successful “vest pocket dealer,” buying and selling at coin shows and collector meetings.

Going off to college in 1966, he quickly became caught up in all the distractions available to students in those heady days, abandoning his coin collector sideline. After returning to his senses and settling down in St. Louis to raise a family, he started up his coin business again on a part time basis, dealing mostly in bullion during the metals boom years of the seventies. His main vocation centered on his photography studio, where he specialized in commercial, fashion, and architectural work.

Moving to California with his wife Tirzah in the late eighties necessitated another change of direction, as the San Francisco professional photography population already was ample. Eventually finding his place in the software industry, Huntley caught the tech wave in the early 90s just as the Internet was starting to open up to public and business applications. He worked in the earliest stages of the network integration field, ultimately advancing to involvement with the integration of multimillion dollar installations of SAP and Oracle software environments.

After the Tech Meltdown of 2001, Huntley sailed into more peaceful waters (or so he thought) in the health insurance industry. He built a successful brokerage focusing on individual and group health plans. With the emergence of the extended national health insurance debate, he again turned his considerable skill and efforts in a new professional direction.

Huntley founded San Francisco Gold Buyer in the early months of 2009 as a reliable location for selling and buying gold and silver. He has expanded the focus of S.F. Gold Buyer to include his original interest in and passion for coin collecting. With the support of his wife and brothers, Huntley has created a store that provides its customers with a stress-free environment, friendly service, accurate appraisals, and the highest possible payouts. S.F. Gold Buyer has become widely known throughout the Bay Area as the place to go when seeking the best deal on your gold, silver, watches, estate jewelry, coins, and other collectibles.

When not at the store, Huntley is an avid musician and record collector. He sings and plays bass fiddle, electric bass, guitar, and piano. He performs regularly with the blues trio “Mighty Mississippi.” Besides Blues and R&B groups, his musical tastes also include Country & Western bands, various and sundry Rock bands, a Samba band, and a Surf group.



Robin is a Graduate Gemologist who appraises fine jewelry and gemstones for S.F. Gold Buyer.
She has raised a son and daughter in the Bay Area while pursuing her love of all things jewelry related.



Abe is one of the roster of around the clock security guards who works at S.F. Gold Buyer ensuring your safety while doing business with us.