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Buy Rings At Jewelry Pawn Shops

October 20th, 2016

We all have jewelry around the house that we’ve inherited or it turned out to be an impulse buy. When you’re strapped for cash and need money right away, you may look to your jewelry as a means for paying off your debt. There are undoubtedly numerous jewelry pawn shops in your area, meaning that these shops either deal primarily with jewelry or choose to sell it on an as needed basis. When taking your jewelry to a pawn shop near you, you can get a short-term loan which you will need to pay back. Should you choose not to pay off the loan, the pawn shop isn’t required to hold your jewelry and is free to sell it.

Of course, the pawning process can end up being a rude awakening for many people when they find out that their wedding band isn’t going to get a high loan. With that being said, when you’re only looking to get a loan, most pawn shop owners are willing to negotiate based on your needs or the story you have behind your piece of jewelry. Regardless of your situation, you will want to get the most out of the pawning process, and surprisingly enough, it’s all up to you!

Always Clean Your Rings

It may sound a lot like common sense, but you’d be surprised by how few people actually take the time to clean their rings or other jewelry before heading into a local pawn shop. Remember, pawn brokers are there to make a speedy transaction, and if you wish to get the most for your item, you need to show it off in the best light possible. There are numerous cleaning solutions and cloths available on the market specially formulated for precious metals and gemstones.

Be careful when cleaning stones and avoid using harsh chemicals or toothpaste as they can damage stones. Use a soft bristle toothbrush to apply cleaning solution to your jewelry and work around as well as behind prongs to soak out gunk. Rinse well and don’t forget to clean the facets of all gemstones to ensure a good sparkle– especially when you have a quality gemstone!

Of course, no ring or other piece of jewelry is complete without a purity hallmark. Pawn brokers want to know that they’re investing in silver, gold or platinum before allowing you to pawn your jewelry. Just like you need to clean the gemstones as well as the setting, make sure to give all hallmarks a good shine which are usually located on the inner band. If your jewelry doesn’t have a karat mark or isn’t stamped silver, you’ll receive much less than its worth, even if it is a precious metal.

Check For Completeness

If your ring is part of a wedding set, it may have additional pieces such as a decorative wrap setting to make it more elegant. Providing all of the original items that came with your purchase can positively impact the price. A complete ring set is a lot easier to pawn than one that’s missing pieces.

Do consider the condition of the ring you’re hoping to pawn. Jewelry pawn shops want use good quality pieces for a loan in case you’re unable to pay off your debt. Check to make sure that all gemstones are properly sitting in the band and that the band itself is in good shape.

Bring Appraisal Paperwork

Chances are, if you have a ring that you know is worth some money, you may have gotten it appraised at some point. When heading off to jewelry pawn shops, always take the official appraisal letter with you. This amount is an approximate value of what your jewelry is worth and is usually used in case you choose to insure your ring.

Though appraisal value can help you understand the replacement value of your piece, do understand that pawn brokers can’t offer a loan anywhere near that amount. What pawn shops can reasonably offer is a so-called base value. This number is the price that the shop can sell your ring for in case you default on your loan.

Set Realistic Expectations

We’ve all heard horror stories about pawn shops and how they rip people off, but a good portion of those stories are a result of misplaced expectations. We all strongly believe that the jewelry we own is special and one of a kind, but the sad truth is, unless you have a strictly custom piece, it really isn’t. Even fancy jewelry stores use common manufacturers whose designs appear in numerous catalogs, therefore, your piece is likely to have been repeated elsewhere.

Pawn shops that deal especially with jewelry will have brokers that have seen a lot of jewelry in their time working the counter. You may hope for a strong positive reaction to your piece, but the fact is, it’s likely that the broker has seen many more like your ring. This isn’t something to take personally, but it is a part of dealing with pawn shops that should be understood.

Well, there you have it! As you can see, pawning jewelry is a fairly simple and straightforward task, but it can become a bit emotional if you’re attached to your piece. Before heading into a pawn shop, make sure to properly clean the piece, check to make sure it’s in good shape, and do take appraisal paperwork with you.

Pawn Shop Money Loans San Francisco

August 15th, 2016

Most people that go to a pawn shop are actually trying to sell items that they have where they can get instant cash. This is why many pawn shops are located in areas where there are casinos as people are always looking for a way to get additional money.

However, pawnshops provide a completely different service which is the ability to borrow money. These were probably the original payday loan businesses, with the exception that they will only allow you to borrow money if you have some type of physical collateral. Here is how you can find pawn shop money loans in your area if you are looking for a way to get quick cash.

What Are Pawn Shop Money Loans?

Any pawn shop that you go into will give you many options in regard to how to get an instant amount of cash. For example, if you have a diamond ring that you have perhaps inherited, they can actually appraise the value of that ring, and then they will give you a fixed amount of cash on the spot. The value of the ring will likely be much more than what they are willing to give because they also have to make a profit by doing this type of transaction.

On the other hand, you can also use that ring is a form of collateral that they will keep as you take their money for a loan, and then pay them back with interest. It is a guarantee that you will eventually pay back the money that you have borrowed, and you will receive it back once you have paid the loan plus interest off. To find one that will actually give you a loan like this, and do so with a reasonable interest rate, you have to do a little bit of research to find these exact companies.

How To Find These Pawnshops

Most of these businesses are listed in the Yellow Pages, although you can find them marketing their services online. The amount of time that it will take to get the loan will only be a few minutes in most cases, not counting the amount of time it will take to draw of the contract that you will sign. These companies typically pay you in cash, unless it is a large amount where they will issue you a check or simply make a deposit into your bank account. Once it is done, you will have the money available to make the payments that you need to, allowing you to take care of your financial matters that are of immediate concern.

How To Choose The Right One

The best company is always going to be one that can provide you with the money quickly. They will also have a reasonable interest rate on the money that they will let you borrow. If you are in a large city, you may have to contact several different pawnshops just to see what they have to offer, whereas smaller communities typically only have one or two. Saving just a percentage point on that interest rate can save you a substantial amount of money. That’s why it pays to do this research, and finally work with a business that will be willing to provide you with the loan.

Loans Versus Selling Merchandise Out Right

A common question that many people have is why would you actually take out a loan if you can simply sell the merchandise to get cash. Those that are proponents of simply obtaining the cash probably do not care that much about the item that they are selling. However, if this is a family heirloom, or a special piece of jewelry such as a wedding ring, this is something that you will definitely want to get back. It will be worth the money that you will pay for interest so that you can handle the payments that you need to make.

How Long Do You Have To Pay Off The Loan?

The amount of time that you have to pay off the loan can be several weeks, or it might be longer. For example, when you take out a payday loan, the entire amount needs to be paid off by the time that you get your next paycheck. Pawnshops can be a little bit more flexible, and may even allow you to make payments. These companies will do so simply because they are going to make more money on the interest that they will charge. If that’s what you would prefer to do, taking out a loan that is much more similar to what you would have in a bank, make sure that you do this research and find one that offers this option before taking out the loan at all.

Once you have found the best company, and you have filled out the paperwork, you will have access to the cash that you need. This may not be your most affordable option due to the higher interest, but it’s an option that you can take advantage of in the next few days. People will use pawn shop money loans because they need to have the money right now.

It is this added benefit that makes it possible for people to working with pawnshops, over a regular bank, providing them with the benefits that come with instant loans opposed to those that may lend you the money, but you may not see it until long after the time that it is needed.