September 26, 2016

Second Hand Gold Buyers San Francisco

Finding second hand gold buyers is easy, the hard part is finding one that will give you a decent amount of money for the items that you have.  It is important to remember that they will still be selling that gold again and are looking to make a profit, but with that said, you should still be able to get a decent percentage of what your gold is worth.

The first thing you should do is come to terms with the fact that you will not be getting the value of the item when you sell it.  The price that was originally paid is not what it is worth to the buyer.  Even when they sell it they will not be able to get its true value, so knowing this before you begin your search is essential or else you will feel that everyone that you come across is trying to rip you off.  The fact is that is just how the business works.

Many people going into this process feeling that their prized pieces of jewelry are worth a great deal because of what they or their family members had paid for it, but really, what was paid was actually the retail price of the item.  In that scenario there were multiple people before the retailer that also made a profit off of it, so what it is worth in the resale world is substantially less than what was paid.  If the piece has sentimental value or is something that you find to be extremely beautiful, it is probably best to keep it instead of looking for second hand gold buyers, who will only leaving you feeling insulted.

Once you are sure that you are really ready to part with the gold pieces for less than what was paid for them you can begin your search for the best buyers out there.  There are some that are completely scrupulous and will try to trick you into to selling it for far less than what you can get for it.  Due to this it is imperative that you take your time and do some research before you pick the company that you feel will give you the most money for your gold.

The first step is to compile a list of gold buyers that are local to you.  You can easily search for them online and get a wealth of results at the click of the button.  Beware, however as these searches will likely include companies that will ask you to send them your gold.  Stay far away from these businesses.  They will all claim to give you top dollar for your gold, but in reality they are looking to have your gold in their possession so that they can pay you as little as they want.  Only do business with companies that you can interact with face to face to ensure that they will stick by any promises that they make to you.

Once you have a comprehensive list of local companies you will want to take the time to see what other consumers have to say about them.  Reviews can be found on sites like yelp and other sites that specialize in giving consumers a forum to share their experience with a business.  Read through the reviews, don’t just look at their rating.  If there are hundreds of reviews a rating can mask some serious problems that may occur on a relatively frequent basis.  It is also a good idea to check with the BBB to see how the business stands with them.

Once you have read the reviews and have narrowed your list down to a few companies that seem fair and legitimate you should give them a call and ask what their process is like.  Most will tell you that they can not give you an estimate over the phone, which is true.  If they claim to be able to give you a number they are likely not a company you want to work with.  That is just a tactic to get you in the door and then talk down what they had previously told you.

You should ask what they pay per ounce for each type of gold.  Depending on how many carats the gold is, the value will vary.  What they pay per ounce will tell you which company is willing to give you the most for your gold.  The difference may only be pennies, but if you have a great deal of gold that can add up.  You should, however, consider what your travel costs would be, especially if you only have a small or moderate amount of gold to sell.

Once you have decided on a company you want to be sure that you know that weight of your various types of gold before hand.  Some companies can seem legitimate, only to try and rip you off by understating the weight.  If that happens you need to walk right out the door.  Also be sure to share your experience so others are not taken advantage of.  The same is true if they quoted a rate per ounce and change it when you try to do business with them.

As long as you follow the tips above you should be able to find the best second hand gold buyers in your area and pick the one that is best for you.  Be sure to do your homework so that you can have the most positive experience possible.

September 19, 2016

Second Hand Jewelry Buyers San Francisco

Finding second hand jewelry buyers San Francisco area is extremely easy, there are so many that the real problem is choosing the one that will give you the money that you deserve for what you have.  To do this you must be willing to take the time and do your research before walking into a shop.  Not being diligent will almost surely get you ripped off unless you are extremely lucky.  Follow the tips below to ensure that you get the money that you should for the jewelry that you have.

The first thing that you absolutely must do if you are thinking about your jewelry for cash is to decide if you are really willing to part with that jewelry.  It is never a good idea to sell jewelry if it has sentimental value or if you find the piece to be especially appealing.  When you sell your jewelry to a second hand jewelry buyers San Francisco company you are not going to get anywhere near what you or someone else had originally paid for it.

The price paid for that jewelry would have been retail, which includes profits from multiple levels before it reached your retailer.  Another factor is that there are certain styles that come in and out of fashion, and while a piece may see retro and interesting to you, most companies that purchase used jewelry are simply planning to sell it to someone that will be melting it down to be used to create new jewelry or for electronics.  It is very difficult to find a buyer that is actually interested in the piece itself.  If that is what you are hoping for you should probably try to sell the piece to a private buyer on your own, which will take much longer usually, but could result in a substantially higher price.

The kind of jewelry that you want to sell to a buyer of this nature should be jewelry that you really have no interest in or use for.  The kind of stuff that’s been laying around for years and you haven’t even considered wearing or passing along to others.  Even if you are in a financial bind be very sure that you are ready to part with it, it is not like a pawn shop where you can buy your piece back when you have gotten into a better financial situation.

Now that you are sure that you are ready to sell your jewelry you can do a search for second hand jewelry buyers San Francisco area.  You will find that the list is extremely long.  If you want you can even search for the specific area in San Francisco that you live.  When searching it is important to steer clear of any companies that are not local to the area.  Some may say San Francisco in their ad, but that is just so they come up during your search.  These companies are usually in the business of paying very little for the jewelry.

In fact, they likely will ask you to send them the jewelry in a special envelope they mail you, claiming that they will give you more than anyone else for it.  The reality is that once they have the jewelry in their hands there is little you can do and they can give you as little as they want for it.  Do not fall for that scam.

Once you have made a list of companies that are willing to buy your jewelry in your area you should check each one’s reviews online.  Reviews can be found on yellow pages, yelp and other sites that are interested in ensuring that consumers can share information about their experiences with other consumers.  It is key that you actually read the reviews as they contain specific information that could warn about certain unsavory business practices that are all too common in this industry.

Once you have narrowed your listed based on those reviews do a quick check with the local BBB.  That will tell you if they rectify any consumer complaints in a positive way and how often they get complaints that are serious enough that the BBB gets involved.  This information tells a lot about how seriously they take treating consumers fairly.

Now you should have a pretty small list and can begin to call around and gather more information.  If anyone offers to give you a quote over the phone you should be weary.  Typically they will tell you that you must bring your jewelry to them so that they can verify how many carats it is.  Sadly some pieces can be marked as 14K but is really much lower quality.  They should, however, be willing to tell you what they pay per ounce of each type of gold.  This step will save you time from having to visit each store separately.

Once you have their rates compiled you will likely notice that they are relatively close to each other, as long as they are reputable.  If they are much lower you clearly want to cross them off of your list.

If they are much higher then you should be concerned that they will try to offer much less once you walk in the door by claiming something is different about the jewelry you bring in.  This is known as a bait and switch technique.  At this point you have all the information you need to make your decision.  Be sure that you don’t skip a step so that you get the most that you can out of your collection.

September 12, 2016

Coin Dealer Pawn Shop San Francisco

If you have caught the coin-collecting bug or simply have found some old coins in the attic, one of the best places to head to is your neighborhood coin dealer pawn shop. Pawn shops are always looking to buy rare coins as there is always a strong market for them with collectors and investors alike. If you have just found a stash of rare coins, it is best to do some research on them to find an estimate of just how much they may be worth.

There are many ways that a person can go about buying and selling rare coins. however, the pawn shop is one of the easiest ways. There are pawn shops in every state and they can be found easily by searching online or simply asking some of your friends if they know of any local establishments. Believe it or not many professional coin dealers check out pawn shops on a weekly or daily basis! One thing to take note about pawn shops is that not all coins will be bought or sold. There are several rules that must be followed in order to keep things legitimate for everyone.

While the vast majority of pawn shops work with rare coins there are always going to be a few exceptions and that is with good reason. There are times when it is difficult to verify if a coin is in fact, a legitimate collector’s item. There are many people who specialize in replicating replicas and counterfeit coins it can be hard for a pawn shop to tell if you have the real deal. With this in mind, it is best to call any pawn shop and ask if they specialize in rare coins before you make the visit.

Why You Should Visit A Coin Dealer Pawn Shop To Buy And Sell Rare Coins

Regardless of whether you are looking to sell or collect, the pawn shop should be on your list of places to visit. You never can tell what you are going to find in the display cases when you stop in. You very well could find that one elusive coin that you have been searching years for at an incredible price.

You may be wondering why such rare coins are sold at rock bottom prices in the pawn shops. There are many people around the country who need quick cash and are willing to part with their favorite possessions including their coins. However, if they do not pay the money back, the pawn shop keeps their stuff. Once the pawn shop owns the possessions, they will put it out on the sales floor at a slightly higher price to make a profit.

Pawn shops will never give the original owner a fair market value of the property, this is why you see items in pawn shops at such low prices. In fact, once merchandise has been on the shelves for a while, the pawn shop will take a loss just to clear room for new items. In the simplest terms, rare coins can be found at unbelievable low prices at the pawn shops. You may be asking yourself how do I go about finding such great finds?

There is no guarantee that you are going to find an unbelievable deal, in fact, it is a hit or miss opportunity. There are times when a pawn shop will buy an entire collection and not look at each individual coin and this can be an incredible opportunity for you if you know your coins. Keep in mind that when it comes to profit and loss, most pawn shops will have an expert on hand before they buy or sell such collections. When this happens, you may actually end up paying more for an individual coin since it is marked at an actual value.

What You Need To Do Before You Sell Your Coins

If you are on the other side of the spectrum and thinking about letting some of your coins go, there are a few things you will want to do to get the best price. Many people choose to do business with a pawn shop over a coin dealer if they think they may have a change of heart and want their coins back. Regardless of who you take your coins to, you want to follow these simple tips to protect yourself and your collection.

Before you ever step foot into a store front research all your coins. You need to know the value of each one. Are the coins rare? When you know these details about your collection, you will be able to get the best price and show that you are in control as you have already done the initial research.

You will also need to prepare your collection for the process. Are you planning on selling your collection or just specific pieces? There are times when an individual coin can be sold for more individually than when it is in a set. The reason for this is that some of those coins in the set have no value, yet they will have to be paid for even if the buyer does not want them.

To get the very best price it is best to put your rare coins into 2×2 coin holders and sell them as individual pieces. You can actually put all your rare coins into one collection and sell them for a very lucrative price at your coin dealer pawn shop.

September 8, 2016

Jewelry Pawn Shops San Francisco

Figuring out why jewelry pawn shops are great can help you to see when it’s smart to go to one. If you are careful, you can make money at one or save some. Before heading out to a pawn shop, you need to know what to be careful of.

A big plus to working with a pawn shop is that they can loan you money if you provide them with something that’s worth more. For instance, if you have a diamond ring, they will give you money for it and hold onto it until you pay them back a little more than what you borrowed. If you don’t pay them to get the item back, they make more off of it by selling it usually than what you borrowed from them. This is called pawning items, and can be a great way to get help in a pinch as long as you’re willing to get the item back.

You can also just straight up sell to a show. Jewelry pawn shops are great for this because they have people on staff that can tell if you have valuable pieces. If you go to just a regular hole in the wall with staff that’s not into jewelry, you never know what you’re going to get beyond the base price of the precious metals or gemstones. Someone that knows what you have is going to be able to pay you more for things like the quality of the piece.

You can’t predict the rise and fall of prices associated with jewelry all of the time. While one day your necklace was worth thousands, it may be only a few hundred due to a price change. Usually, you can expect prices to stay roughly the same in a short period of time, but if you wait a long while you may make or lose money when you sell. Far into the future, chances of the price going up is higher than if you were to just wait a few months. You just need to learn more about prices and keep an eye on them for whatever your jewelry is made of so you know when it’s at a high point.

Getting a loan should only be done if you can pay it back because you can otherwise sell your item for more money. Usually, you can get more for selling jewelry outright because then they don’t have to deal with storing it and messing with it when you show back up later. It’s easier for them to know they can make their money back so if you don’t plan to pay back an item you pawned, sell it outright and get more for it.

Shops may not be that great, and you can find out about that with reviews online usually. What can you do to find something that you trust to read about a company? Try going to websites where you can see that multiple people can leave reviews. When you look up a business on Google, for example, it may pull up the Google business page for that establishment with reviews from random people. These are better than just trusting some website created by the shop that may just say they’re awesome even if they’re not because that is just what people do for marketing.

Avoid buying fake jewelry. There are some fakes out there, and if the pawn shop isn’t good at detecting them, they may end up in your hands. The problem with that is then you can’t really sell it to anyone else because they may find out that it’s a fake. To avoid this, don’t just trust that it was checked by the pawn shop employee and look at it yourself. If you suspect something is off, then wait to get it until you can either look up fakes like it or can get a second opinion by bringing in someone you know that’s into jewelry and can spot fakes.

A lot of places are not going to hold onto your items when you pawn them past a certain date. It’s foolish to keep putting off getting your items back if you really love them. Once they are put on the sales floor, it’s fair game and they will probably sell quickly at a nice price so the company can recoup their losses. Call if you can’t afford it to work out a payment plan or something else so they know not to sell it off.

You have to have an ID and a receipt usually if you want your items to be pawnable or you want to get them back. Call ahead to ask what kind of information they’re going to need so you don’t end up having to go back and forth. It’s not that difficult usually to get an item pawned because you’re using it as collateral and if it’s a valuable item, things like your credit don’t matter. If the people working there aren’t asking you for anything like this, then that’s a shady practice and t hey should be avoided because later you won’t be able to prove you sold something to them.

Jewelry pawn shops are great, but only if you use them properly. A lot of people don’t really get what to do when they go to one, and that can be problematic. You should now be capable of finding what works and avoiding what doesn’t.

August 24, 2016

How Do Pawn Shops Work?

How Pawn Shops Work In Austin Texas

Pawn shops come up all the time when it comes to selling items and considering the value of something. Many people will be aware of them in the sense they will have heard of the term, but won’t know how they work. It is best to understand how things work as you are figuring out the details.

Let’s take a look at how they work for those who are unaware and want to learn.

To answer the question “how do pawn shops work?”, you have to break down the setup and what unfolds in the location as soon as you enter the door.

Establish Collateral Loans

The idea is to create collateral loans which other institutions don’t do. Pawn shops are made on the premise of taking an item from you and giving value back. This is what collateral is all about. The idea is to remove all risk from the shoulders of a lender and make sure you can get money at the same time.

Let’s say you bring in a watch; it will be given to the pawn shop owner, and they will assess its value before giving you cash. It is a simple transaction in that sense.

Item Of Value Is Brought In For Evaluation

The main thing a person coming in for a new loan will do is have the item assessed. The pawn shop owner is going to have methods in place to look at the item and see what its value. They will also be experienced in this regard to figure out what the item’s real worth is.

When the evaluation is done, an offer is going to be made by the pawn shop owner, and this is when the deal will either go through or the person will move on.

It is a nice way to get items valued in general for those who want to know.

Percentage Of Asset’s Value Is Often Going Rate

What is the going rate when it comes to assets from pawn shops? This is the first thing people want to know at the end of the day. The asset’s value is not going to receive a 100% valuation. This is not going to happen just as it would when you are selling a house.

The rate offered is going to vary in that regard, so you might be able to get the pawn shop owner to move around a smidgen.

They will look at the asset to determine what percentage you are going to receive.

All Pawn Shops Are Regulated

When it comes to learning “how do pawn shops work?”, You will want to know if they are regulated or not. Yes, they are all regulated in the US because the government still wants to have control over what is going on in these deals. Official pawn shops are all regulated and checked on a regular basis.

You can feel confident dealing with them and knowing you are going to get a good deal out of the situation. This can let you relax and get a deal that is fair without having to worry about being cheated.

Tend To Offer Low Amounts

You want to make sure the amount that is being asked for is low. Most of the loans that are approved will be for less than $500. Sure, there are going to be larger ones here and there, but in general pawn shops look to stay with the smaller, short-term loans.

It is safer for them as they are not a large institution.

Those who are more experienced and have a longer history will be able to offer larger loans. It is all about asking and having the right asset in hand to offer to them because that is what matters.

Low-Interest Rate

What about the interest rate you are going to get on the asset and loan? You are not going to get a high interest rate because most people are picking up a few hundred dollars at most. The interest rate is going to be far lower than any other lender you can think of.

It will be enough to make it worthwhile for you and the person that is giving you a loan.

You should get a straight offer in this regard as each shop has its requirements when it comes to the interest rate they have to offer.

Require Identification

What does a person need to get things rolling at a pawn shop? It does not take a lot, and most of the work is done around your ID. As long as the item (asset) checks out and they are happy with its value in case you never come back, they will look at your ID and pass on the cash.

It is a simple process in the end.

This is the answer to questions such as “how do pawn shops work?”. They are an intriguing location for those who are hoping to find the value for something and want to make sure they get a good deal. You are always going to have some deal on the table with these shops, and that does make a difference.

If you want to consider this option, you should be looking around town for a good fit and make sure it is the best pawn shop in town, so you don’t get ripped off.

Pawn shops have been around for a while, so finding an established solution is not hard in the city.