9 Pawning Antique Goods Tips

Sometimes when people are in need of extra funds, they consider pawning some of the things that they own. If you are in this predicament, your attic may hold a lot of treasures. Before you go and part with anything, pay close attention the following 9 pawning antique goods tips.

1. Consider Selling Instead

If you are in no rush to pad your pockets, you may want to consider selling your item instead of heading to the pawn shop. This is because there are usually no antique experts at pawn stores, which means that it is not likely you will be able to get as much as the item is worth. You should head to a specialist if you are not really pressed for time.

2. Every Shop Is Not The Same

One of the most vital of the 9 pawning antique goods tips here is this: Every pawn shop you head to will not be the same. If you head to one place and they tell you they do not wish to buy your item, you should head someplace else. This is a business that often thrives on subjectivity, so every opinion may be wildly different. Ideally, you should check at least 5-7 stores before throwing in the towel.

3. Collect Several Quotes

Since the entire point of selling your items is to make a profit, you should collect quotes from more than once place. Different dealers will offer prices depending on what they believe the item is worth and how likely it is they will be able to sell it later. Since each shop has a different clientele, these numbers can vary. This is why it is critical to get as many quotes as you can before making a decision on who to do business with.

4. Try To Find An Older Shop

The reality is that many pawn shops have been around for many generations. The older the store is, the more apt they will be to consider your antiques. This is not a guarantee, so don’t jump the gun and get excited too quickly. If a shop has opened recently and it is filled with people who are not very well-versed in this arena, it is not probable they’ll be willing to consider taking your antiques off your hands.

5. Real Life Is Not Like Television

We are halfway through the 9 pawning antique goods tips list and this one had to be mentioned. Unfortunately, real life is not always like television, and you cannot expect your experiences to be exactly like the ones you see on a show.

For instance, on Pawn Stars people head in with all kinds of antiques and the staff has experts check things out in order to assess the value. Most pawn shop owners don’t have experts on speed dial, so you will have to walk in armed with some advance knowledge you can share that will convince them to make a purchase.

6. Never Polish Your Items

You may believe that making things look all sparkly is a wise decision, but it will not work out in your favor. The appeal of antiques stems from the fact that these items are from another time. If someone sees your item and they believe it is gleaming too much, they may not realize how old it actually is. It is also possible that polishing the item can cause slight damage. It is best to err on the side of caution and leave your items in the condition you found them in.

7. Don’t Expect To Strike It Rich

Even if the item you are planning to sell is worth a small fortune, you cannot expect to get this much from a pawn shop. Despite high values, they have to consider the resale value. For instance, if you have an old World War II cannon, it may be worth a great deal, but what are the chances someone will walk into your local neighborhood pawn shop looking for something like that? Dealers at the shop need to maximize their earnings while offering you an amount you think is fair, and this is not always a simple task.

8. Bring In Proof

If you headed to eBay and found several listing that price the same item you have at a similar price, print these out and take them with you. It cannot be expected that people will readily take your word for it. Again, you are not likely to get the full value of the item, but knowing the actual worth is very handy when it comes to negotiations.

9. Keep Sets Together

One thing that can help you get more money for your antiques would be to pawn them as a complete set. If you have an item that is part of a 5-item set, keeping it together means that you will have something of absolute value. Selling just one means that buyers will have to scramble to find the others, so the amount offered will be much lower.

Before you head out and start looking for pawn shops that are willing to buy your antiques, you should evaluate all of the information that was offered to you. The idea is to find a place that is willing to offer you a reasonable amount, and this is much easier said than done in most cases.