Pawn Montblanc At SFGoldBuyers In San Francisco

If you have a Montblanc pen that you would like to sell in order to generate some quick cash, it is possible for you to locate a pawn shop that will understand the value of that pen and provide you a top dollar for it. There are different ones available, but they will know which one you have brought to them, and will show you why they are offering the amount that they will provide. One of the best places to get the best prices is from a company by the name of SF Gold Buyer. Here is what you need to know about this particular pawnshop, and also a little bit more information about pawn Montblanc at SFGoldBuyers.

Why Would You Sell One Of These Pens?

The reason that you should consider selling a Montblanc pen is that they are one of the most expensive writing implements in the world. They cost several hundred dollars apiece, and because of their intrinsic value, they are easy to resell two people that would prefer having something that is of this high quality.

The amount of money that you receive will depend upon how old it is, what type it is, and also how many you have. You can actually get more money if you have a gift set, for instance, that is quite rare, allowing you to cash in on this type of pen.

Overview Of SF Gold Buyer

This is a unique company that is located in San Francisco that has been in business for quite some time. They have been around for many years, and they make it very easy for you to sell anything including handbags, jewelry, musical instruments, coins, and a wide variety of collectibles.

If you happen to be in the Bay Area, you can stop by. It’s a very nice area where they are located. You can find many interesting shops to visit, restaurants, and there is even a movie theater that is right down the street. Their knowledgeable staff will know exactly how to appraise what you are bringing to them, making it easy for you to trust that they are giving you the best deal.

If you cannot get into see them physically, you can send your item to them through the mail and they will appraise it and cut you a check shortly after it has arrived. Now let’s go into a little more detail about what products they will take, going beyond pawn Montblanc at SFGoldBuyers.

What Will They Buy?

Getting a little more specific, this company will actually purchase a wide variety of different products. For example, if you have fine jewelry, or antique jewelry, they will give you top dollar for anything from bracelets to 24 karat rings. They also purchase Placer gold which is the type of gold that you can find in rivers, small nuggets that are quite valuable.

Gold is always priced at over $1000 an ounce, and they will give you a fair amount for whatever you send or bring to them. Other items that they sell include watches, sterling silver, gold and silver bullion, designer handbags, and militaria. They also have people on staff that are able to appraise paintings, drawings, and photographs that you would like to sell.

Finally, they do purchase first edition books which can be very valuable, as well as those that were originally signed by the author which could be quite rare. By simply going to their website to see what they have to offer, you can get a general idea of what it is that you have that they might be interested in buying.

How Long Will It Take For You To Get Your Money?

The speed at which you are able to get the money for the things you are selling will depend upon if you bring it in, or if you send it to them directly. For some of the items that are very easy to appraise, if you bring it directly to their store, you can have the money shortly after you arrive.

If you are sending this in, or if it needs to be appraised by someone that has more experience, it may take a couple of days. Either way, you can always expect to get the best possible price for whatever it is that you are selling so that you can generate some quick cash.

To learn more information about pawn Montblanc at SFGoldBuyers, or to sell any other items that you have, give them a call today. If you are quite a distance away, you can send things into them and expect a response in the next few days. It really is that easy to work with SFGoldBuyers, one of the most reputable pawn shops in the state of California.