Second Hand Jewelry Buyers San Francisco

Finding second hand jewelry buyers San Francisco area is extremely easy, there are so many that the real problem is choosing the one that will give you the money that you deserve for what you have.  To do this you must be willing to take the time and do your research before walking into a shop.  Not being diligent will almost surely get you ripped off unless you are extremely lucky.  Follow the tips below to ensure that you get the money that you should for the jewelry that you have.

The first thing that you absolutely must do if you are thinking about your jewelry for cash is to decide if you are really willing to part with that jewelry.  It is never a good idea to sell jewelry if it has sentimental value or if you find the piece to be especially appealing.  When you sell your jewelry to a second hand jewelry buyers San Francisco company you are not going to get anywhere near what you or someone else had originally paid for it.

The price paid for that jewelry would have been retail, which includes profits from multiple levels before it reached your retailer.  Another factor is that there are certain styles that come in and out of fashion, and while a piece may see retro and interesting to you, most companies that purchase used jewelry are simply planning to sell it to someone that will be melting it down to be used to create new jewelry or for electronics.  It is very difficult to find a buyer that is actually interested in the piece itself.  If that is what you are hoping for you should probably try to sell the piece to a private buyer on your own, which will take much longer usually, but could result in a substantially higher price.

The kind of jewelry that you want to sell to a buyer of this nature should be jewelry that you really have no interest in or use for.  The kind of stuff that’s been laying around for years and you haven’t even considered wearing or passing along to others.  Even if you are in a financial bind be very sure that you are ready to part with it, it is not like a pawn shop where you can buy your piece back when you have gotten into a better financial situation.

Now that you are sure that you are ready to sell your jewelry you can do a search for second hand jewelry buyers San Francisco area.  You will find that the list is extremely long.  If you want you can even search for the specific area in San Francisco that you live.  When searching it is important to steer clear of any companies that are not local to the area.  Some may say San Francisco in their ad, but that is just so they come up during your search.  These companies are usually in the business of paying very little for the jewelry.

In fact, they likely will ask you to send them the jewelry in a special envelope they mail you, claiming that they will give you more than anyone else for it.  The reality is that once they have the jewelry in their hands there is little you can do and they can give you as little as they want for it.  Do not fall for that scam.

Once you have made a list of companies that are willing to buy your jewelry in your area you should check each one’s reviews online.  Reviews can be found on yellow pages, yelp and other sites that are interested in ensuring that consumers can share information about their experiences with other consumers.  It is key that you actually read the reviews as they contain specific information that could warn about certain unsavory business practices that are all too common in this industry.

Once you have narrowed your listed based on those reviews do a quick check with the local BBB.  That will tell you if they rectify any consumer complaints in a positive way and how often they get complaints that are serious enough that the BBB gets involved.  This information tells a lot about how seriously they take treating consumers fairly.

Now you should have a pretty small list and can begin to call around and gather more information.  If anyone offers to give you a quote over the phone you should be weary.  Typically they will tell you that you must bring your jewelry to them so that they can verify how many carats it is.  Sadly some pieces can be marked as 14K but is really much lower quality.  They should, however, be willing to tell you what they pay per ounce of each type of gold.  This step will save you time from having to visit each store separately.

Once you have their rates compiled you will likely notice that they are relatively close to each other, as long as they are reputable.  If they are much lower you clearly want to cross them off of your list.

If they are much higher then you should be concerned that they will try to offer much less once you walk in the door by claiming something is different about the jewelry you bring in.  This is known as a bait and switch technique.  At this point you have all the information you need to make your decision.  Be sure that you don’t skip a step so that you get the most that you can out of your collection.