Jewelry Stores San Francisco

When you’re trying to find quality jewelry stores San Francisco is an excellent place to begin your search. However, it’s not always easy to find the best stores especially if you’re only going to be visiting this fantastic city for a brief period of time.

So to give you a helping hand with finding the perfect storm to suit your needs, we have selected some of the finest jewelry stores San Francisco has to offer. Keeping this in mind, let’s get straight to the information you’re looking for.

Brilliant Earth

Your first option in the San Francisco Bay Area is brilliant Earth, who receive fantastic reviews from the vast majority of their customers ñ and are well regarded as one of the top jewelry stores in the entire area.

Interestingly, the store was founded in 2005, when the owner was struggling to find the perfect engagement ring for their partner. Of course, this experience led to a keen interest in the world of jewelry, and these days they offer excellent advice whenever you’re looking to purchase something special for your significant other.

Tiffany & Co.

As one of the oldest jewelry stores in the United States, itís safe to say that this company has helped millions of people when it comes to finding the perfect jewelry and silverware.

These days, the company is known for selling a variety of jewelry, fine china, crystals, and even fragrances and personal accessories. However, the San Francisco store is particularly well-known in the area and is well loved by many people for their fantastic offers and unrivaled quality. So if you’re looking for some luxury jewelry that will delight your partner, you can’t go wrong by shopping in this store.

Shreve & Co.

Another popular jewelry store in San Francisco has to be Shreve & Co, who have a fantastic reputation ñ and ever since the store first opened they’ve been considered one of the best jewelers in all of San Francisco. Regardless of whether you’re looking for fine jewelry, designer pieces, or even some elegant timepieces – you’ll be sure to find everything you are looking for at this store. Whats more, they have a special section dedicated to bridal jewelry and diamonds which you’re going to love. Overall, whenever you’re shopping for jewelry in San Francisco, this is a store you do not want to miss.

Gallery of Jewels

Here is another lesser-known store in the San Francisco area, but it still receives excellent reviews and is certainly a great place to visit. A simple browse of their website will show you some of the most wonderful items available, and if you’re looking for bridal jewelry in particular, then they have some excellent options for virtually any budget.

What’s more, this jeweler has received several awards which show them be one of the top designer retailers in the area so it’s easy to say that this is another store well worth your time whenever you’re in the market for some new jewelry.

66 Mint Fine Estate Jewelry

If you’re looking for some high-end boutique jewelry, then this is an option well worth considering. Ever since they first opened in 1912, they’ve been known for some incredible fine gems, as well as a broad collection of vintage and antique jewelry which is going to be well loved by virtually any collector.

Chabo’s Jewelry

Another great option is this family-owned retailer which specializes in bridal jewelry, as well as custom-made jewelry. Additionally, itís worth noting that this store can offer extensive on-site repairs ñ making it the perfect one-stop-shop for all of your jewelry needs.

While the store is lesser-known, it receives fantastic reviews, and it currently holds a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 stars on Google places.

French Jewelry Inc.

When it comes to boutique jewelry, this is another great option which is sure to not disappoint. As an upscale jewelry store, you will find a variety of modern pieces as well as vintage pieces ñ with a wonderful collection of diamonds.

Whats more, the store has long been family-owned, see you can rest assured you will have the personal touch whenever you are browsing here and you went for rushed at all to make a decision. Overall, this is yet another example of some of the top jewelry stores San Francisco has to offer.

Derco Fine Jewelers

When you’re looking for some custom design work, then you can’t go wrong by checking out this store in San Francisco. As a high-end retailer, they specialize in providing some the most luxurious jewelry currently available, and you will be sure to find something gorgeous that suits your needs.

Of course, they also provide extensive design work as well as custom repairs, so you can have virtually all of your jewelry needs met at this fantastic store.

It’s also worth noting that they can provide extensive tightening services, sizing, and even a laser engraving service which ensures your engraving will be incredibly high quality and long-lasting.

SF Gold Buyers

It’s clear to see that whenever you’re looking for quality jewelry stores San Francisco you’ll find a place that has you covered without any trouble at all. There are dozens of fantastic jewelry shops in the area and this guide has only shown you a small selection of some of the great places worth a visit.

However if you would like to purchase fine jewellery for yourself or that special someone be sure to stop buy SF Gold Buyers and check our range of affordable jewellery.

So if you’re planning to invest in some quality jewelry, or even looking for the perfect engagement ring to give to your significant other, then visiting us is a fantastic idea.