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Your Local Pawn Shop

SF Gold Buyer offers you the opportunity to get your valuables appraised by professionals on the spot! In addition, we also sell, trade, and buy goods that include designer handbags, jewellery, coins, military items, and instruments.

Though most pawn shops have received a bad reputation in the past for running an unscrupulous business, you can rest assured that at SF Gold Buyer, we take care of our customers like family! All of our appraisers are top professionals in the field, and we adhere to federal, state, and local legislation as a legitimately licensed pawn broker and secondhand dealer.conference room cropped

Though pawn shops are undoubtedly many in San Francisco, none can offer you the level of care and customer service that our company can. Additionally, they often undervalue your gold and don’t use the necessary modern scientific testing in order to give you a fair trade number.

Oftentimes, many pawn brokers will use guesswork in order to place a value on your gold or silver items, and that can cause you to lose significant amount of money.

Why Use SFGoldBuyer pawn shop when you’re in the area? Apart from giving you a fair amount of money for your gold and silver jewellery, we also ensure that all of the items we purchase, sell, and trade are clean and free of money laundering or criminal activities.

To ensure we comply with local standards, all purchased items are held for 30 days before being made available to the public for purchase.

You Can Sell Us Pretty Much Anything

Meanwhile, most pawn shops in the area only purchase certain items like gold and silver, we’ve decided to expand our business. There are a number of items that people have on hand and collectors are actively seeking. To give you an idea of what we’re looking for to fill up our shop, here is a list:

Antique and fine jewellery
Broken gold jewellery and loose gemstones
Placer gold
Name brand watches (Cartier, Rolex, Bulgari)
Sterling silver
Gold, silver, and platinum bullion
Collectible coins and currency
Designer handbags
Writing instruments

If you have any of the items found on the list above, feel free to bring them by our shop to get them appraised. Our appraisals take place inside of the store, and how we reach a value will be discussed with you. Additionally, you should not feel pressured about selling your item if you don’t want to! We do everything in our power to please our customers, and if you’re only looking for a loan, that’s also possible.

Why Use SFGoldBuyer Pawn Shop For Loans

If you need money quickly, but don’t qualify for loans due to your poor credit or work history, we can help you! Since we also operate as a legitimate pawn shop, you can choose to pawn your items. When you bring in one of your valuable to pawn, you can get your item(s) back as long as you stick to our guidelines and pay off your debt as was agreed upon.

What happens when you come by is that we take the time to assess the value of the items you bring in. We will then use them as collateral and give you a number to represent as our loan offer. In order to get quick cash, all you need is a valid ID. Our loans have a duration of four months, but at any given time, you can prolong the loan by just paying off the interest that is due so far. By paying the interest rates clearly outlined in your contract, you’re eligible to sign a new contract with us.

Many of our patrons sometimes decide not to want their items back or end up selling them to us. If that is something you decide during the duration of the loan, it’s absolutely acceptable and your credit will not be impacted in any way by your decision.

You Can Buy From Us Too


As a pawn shop, we not only offer loans, and purchase items, but we sell them too. The strict standards that we adhere to when completing trades and sales follows over into our actual store. You can peruse our shop and find quality goods for your personal collection or as a gift.

Why use SFGoldBuyer pawn shop for your holiday shopping? If you have a number of people on your holiday list, but you ran out of things to get them, our shop has some of the most unique collectibles. Additionally, a lot of what you see will be antique and truly one-of-a-kind, so even the collecting connoisseur in your life can be appeased.

Our past clients can’t say enough nice things about our company, and we believe in staying open six days a week! When you need to buy, trade, or sell an item, stop by and see what customer service should be.